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Generate revenue delivering Ads on your content pages with can deliver targeted Ad Media into your website and content pages and our platform will display advertiser campaigns generating revenue for you from the clicks that your ad displays produce.

Place unlimited Ads on unlimited content sites and the Network Platform will work smart for you displaying the most efficient advertiser content to maximise your commission revenue.

Create unlimited Ad campaigns and assign them to its target subject category. Give each campaign a unique name to identify traffic and earnings reports, enter the page URL's where the Ad media will be displayed, write a short description of the content of the page and paste the Ad media html code into your pages to start your campaign.

Our platform will process all your Ad media display request activity in real time, delivering the best performing advertiser campaigns using our proprietary smart ad media algorithm technology to your site and content pages. You will earn commission from all the Ad media click fees paid by our advertisers partners in our network crediting your account in real time.

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From your publisher account you will also have the ability to create unlimited Publisher and Advertier account referral campaigns through our affiliate program and generate lifetime commissions from all your referred accounts activity.

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