Publisher Information

Get started as a publisher by inserting just a few lines of code into your pages and our automated ad-system platform will display ads to your website visitors and credit your account for each ad-click you produce.

Campaign and Content Targeting

Our advertising platform will display category, language and country specific ads to your website visitors automatically based on your campaign settings. This ensures that the content of your website is matched with our advertisers and click conversions maximized through relevant ad targeting.

Maximise Click Conversions

Advertising365 allows Advertisers the opportunity to set click rates individually and pay you according to the quality and relevancy of your traffic ensuring that you receive the highest rates combined with the best possible click through rates (CTR%). Each and every time one of your unique visitors clicks on an ad, you will earn up to 70% of the fee that the advertisers pay for each click.

Performance Based Earnings

Our intelligent advertising platform calculates a pay per click rate for each of our publishers based on the performance of your advertising campaigns. Each of our advertisers has the ability to pay a varying amount for each click according to the type and quality of traffic produced by the network.

Advertising shares its revenue for these clicks directly with our publishers and rewards you based on the volume and quality of traffic your websites produce according to the table and figures set out below:

Pay per Click Revenue Percentage Share Representative Earnings
Below £500 per month 40% £200
£500 to £2499 50% £250 to £1249
£2500 to £4999 60% £1500 to £2999
Over £5000 70% £3500+

Promote Advertising365 to Advertisers and Publishers

Not only can you earn revenues from ads you display for our advertisers but you can also generate lifetime revenues from the advertisers and publishers you refer to Advertising365. You will earn 10% from the account activity from all the advertisers and publisher accounts you send. Our referral program operates on a multi five-tier level.

If you have any questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions section, or contact us for all support questions.

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