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Our frequently asked questions pages have been designed to assist you with instantly answering some basic questions you may have. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team, who will be happy to assist you via email or telephone.

Q1. Where will my ads be displayed?
A. is an international advertising network currently working with a global network of publishers divided into over 20 popular category audience groups. You can target your advertising campaign to any or all of the audience categories defined within the network.
Q2. How do I create my advertising account?
A. Click Here and complete the online new account form.
Q3. Can I operate multiple advertising campaigns from my advertising account?
A. Yes, once you have an advertiser account, you can create multiple advertising groups and campaigns.
Q4. Can I spawn an exit window from my advertising campaign landing page?
A. No. The URL that you use for your advertising campaign, must not launch any additional browser windows on entry or exit. If your campaign is discovered to be launching multiple windows, your account will be disabled and frozen without notice.
Q5. Can I credit funds to my advertising account online?
A. Yes. Secure Online Payments are accepted by credit or debit cards. We also accept payments from Pay Pal members using the Pay Pal online webaccept payment system and Skrill. Online payments are immediately credited to your advertising account in real time. By using your credit card or pay pal, via secure RSA encrypted connection, you can also select an automated recurring billing program for continuous campaign management.
Q6. In what currency can I operate my account?
A. When you set up your advertising account, you can select which currency you wish to use. Currently you can choose from $USD, £UK or €EURO. If you would like to operate your account in another currency, then please contact our support department who will be happy to assist you.
Q7. Can I send funds to be credited to my account?
A. Yes. also accepts account credit payment by Wire-transfer, Cashiers/Company check or Bankers draft. Please contact our Support Department for more information, details and assistance.
Q8. What is the minimum advertising account deposit?
A. The minimum advertising account deposit is $50, £50 or €50.
Q9. Can I advertise my web site to different category audience groups?
A. Yes, you can target each campaign to any of 6 category audience groups, as listed below:

  • Adult
  • Business & E-commerce
  • Computers & Internet
  • Entertainment
  • Kids
  • Lifestyle & Leisure
Q10. Can I advertise to specific countries or languages?
A. Yes, you can select which countries and browser languages your advertisement will be displayed to, for each campaign.
Q11. What traffic delivery and time controls do I have over my advertising campaign?
A. With each advertising campaign, advertisers can select hourly and daily traffic delivery limits, and also use our day parting sfeature, to start and stop their campaigns at specific times of the day.
Q12. What price do I pay for my ad-clicks?
A. You can set the price you wish to pay for any clicks produced for each advertising campaign you launch. You can modify the price you pay for each click at any time. The higher your click price, the higher priority your ads will be given within the network.
Q13. Will my advertisement be the only advertising window displayed to a surfe ?
A. Yes, If you are using the full browser pop-under window option, the advertising window will be the only one opening in the background to the surfer as they arrive at the publishers website. If you are using the pseudo pop-up option, then your ad will be displayed as a popup, loading in the foreground to surfers as they arrive at the publishers website.
Q14. How long will it take to deliver an advertising campaign?
A. does not guarantee a specific time frame to deliver the amount of ads you require for any advertising campaign. The time it takes to complete delivery of any campaign, depends upon many variables including the amount of traffic currently being sent into the network by publishers, the number of advertising campaigns currently running, and your specific campaign target settings. We do however guarantee to continue campaign delivery until all your account funds have been depleted.
Q15. Is traffic genuine?
A. Yes.'s software system has an automatic security search system. We check all traffic sent into the network for the following parameters:

Cookies: Our system uses cookies to count advertising displays and clicks. Our system doesn't count advertising displays or clicks from users who's browsers do not support or have disabled cookies.

IP Address: Our system checks the traffic source IP and disables it if a certain percentage of traffic comes from one source IP, even if an anonymous proxy servers is used.

Ad Pages: Our system checks the pages of each publisher for availability and suspicious programming.

The system disables publishers traffic automatically if any suspicious activity is found and a note is automatically sent to our administrator, for further investigation.

These and other complex security systems are put into place to ensure that the quality of traffic being offered to advertisers through the network is high quality and will afford our advertisers maximum return on their investment.
Q16. What is's refund policy?
A. Please note that does not offer any refunds under any circumstances. can not guarantee the timeframe for advertising campaigns to be delivered due to traffic levels flowing through the network for the different categories and the priority given to any advertising campaign due to country or language targeting and additional campaign settings. All advertising campaigns will remain active until they are fully served and all account funds are depleted.
Q17. What if I have to contact you regarding a question that you haven't answered here?
A. You can contact our Support Department.

If you have any questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions section, or contact us for all support questions.

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